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Dental Assisting School Program Outline


In just 12 weeks, you could be in a respected career where you are excited to go to work!

At Creekside Academy of Dental Assisting, we are proud to offer the highest standard of education in a fully functioning dental facility. We are well known among the dental community in Utah and our students receive an abundance of practical hands on training. Where you go to Dental Assisting School is important. Choosing the right school will greatly impact your success and ability to find employment in your new career.​


Our Dental Assisting Program includes the training necessary for you to fulfill the role of an Expanded Function Dental Assistant. As an Expanded Function Dental Assistant you will be able to complete more responsibilities independent from the dentist including; packing cord, placing rubber dams, placing tofflemires, placing dental sealants, and making temporary crowns!

With the completion of our Dental Assisting program you will be certified in CPR and will receive certificates in Dental Radiology, OSHA and HIPPA.


If you’re interested in learning more about our dental assisting school program or you’d like to learn more about our dental assisting school class schedule, contact our team today.


  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

  • Dental Procedures, Basic Anatomy and Dental Terminology

  • Sterilization and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

  • Interviewing Preparation and Creating a Compelling Resume

  • Dental Radiology

  • Preventative Treatment Clinical

  • Placing a Dental Sealant Clinical

  • Amalgams and Composite Resin Fillings Clinical

  • Placing a Tofflemire Clinical

  • Crown and Bridge Clinical

  • Fabricating a Temporary Crown Clinical

  • Packing Retraction Cord Clinical

  • Alginate Impressions, Creation of Study Models and Whitening Trays Clinical

  • Oral Surgery Clinical

  • Root Canal Therapy Clinical

  • Placing a Rubber Dam Clinical

  • DENTRIX Clinical

  • Patient Clinical

  • Dental Assistant Externship

Our Next Class Begins May 31st, 2022