Creekside Academy of Dental Assisting

dental assistant training Creekside Academy of Dental Assisting Cottonwood Heights, UT Instructors: Adam Sego Jamaiza Nocum, Rhaumla Gardner, Janice Boyer.

Dental Assistant Training


Do you want training to be a dental assistant, a career in high demand and with a lot of job security? Creekside Academy of Dental Assisting can help you achieve your goals. We offer a program that will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to work as a dental assistant in any office. With our program, you will have everything you need to start your new career as soon as possible.

What a Dental Assistant Career Entails 

Dental assisting is a growing field with many opportunities for those interested in working in the dental industry. Dental assistants perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • Patient Care: Dental assistants are responsible for taking care of patients before, during, and after dental procedures. The responsibilities include greeting patients, escorting them to the dental chair, and providing them with information about dental procedures.
  • Administrative Work: Dental assistants also perform administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and maintaining dental records in addition to patient care.
  • Clinical Procedures: Dental assistants also assist dental professionals with clinical procedures such as taking dental X-rays and preparing patients for dental procedures.

The Benefits of Dental Assistant Training 

Our program offers many benefits to those interested in pursuing a career in dental assisting. 

While some states allow dental assistants to work without formal training, most dental assistants complete a dental assistant training program such as that offered by Creekside Academy of Dental Assisting.

Our dental assistant training is fast – typically lasting around 12 weeks and including coursework relevant to your exciting career. With the completion of our training, dental assistants are ready to begin their careers in dentistry.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Learn Essential Dental Skills: Dental assistant training programs will provide the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your dental assistant career.
  • Gain Hands-on Experience: Dental assistant training programs offer the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with dental patients. This experience will be invaluable when you start your career as a dental assistant.
  • A Schedule Tailored to Busy Students: Our program offers the convenience of night and weekend hours for those students who have busy schedules.
  • Get Started in Your Dental Assistant Career Quickly: With our dental assistant training program, you can start your dental assistant career as soon as you graduate!

Choosing the Right Dental Assistant Program 

When choosing a dental assistant program, choosing one that offers a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum is essential. At Creekside Academy of Dental Assisting, our curriculum is designed to give students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their dental assistant career, including experience in:

  • Dental Radiology: Students will learn how to take dental X-rays and interpret dental radiographs.
  • Dental Materials: Students will learn about the different types of dental materials used in dental procedures.
  • Infection Control: Students will learn about infection control procedures and how to implement them in the dental office.
  • Dental Assisting Theory: Students will learn about the dental assisting theory and how they can apply it in the dental office.

Excellent Dental Assistant Training in Cottonwood Heights, UT

With Creekside Academy of Dental Assisting, you will receive top-notch instruction from experienced professionals who know what it takes to be successful in this field. You’ll learn all the skills necessary to work confidently and effectively with dental patients.

Once you graduate from our program, you’ll have the training and experience to handle all the tasks that come with being a dental assistant. And our graduates are always in high demand, so you’re sure to find a job quickly after completing our program.

Enroll today and get started on your new career!